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A controversial Yet Essential Quality in any Business Coach

Eleanor Beaton

When you are a business coach, your job is to help your client accomplish a clear result, which is almost always directly related to making MORE MONEY.

After working with more than 600 women entrepreneurs in my business coaching programs, I can tell you this:

No matter how left leaning, granola-consuming, patchouli wearing, Indigo Girls’ listening, Brene Brown reading a person is (and no shade as I love all these things)…

Making more money MATTERS DEEPLY to women entrepreneurs.

how to make hard decisions

How to make hard decisions

Eleanor Beaton

As a business owner, you need to make a lot of hard decisions.

Some of the decisions you make take up brain space but aren’t complex. 

Example: Should I host my meetup and restaurant x or restaurant y? Should I buy THIS podcast mic or THAT podcast mic?

But making decisions about things that involve RISK is not only a frequent occurrence for business owners…but a tremendously draining process. That’s because the consequences of these types of decisions can have bigger, long term impacts for your company.

pinpoint why your offers aren't selling

How To Pinpoint Why Your Offers Aren’t Selling: A Simple Diagnostic to Decode and Fix The Problem of Low or Slow Sales

Eleanor Beaton

There’s nothing more frustrating than pouring your heart into creating an offer only to have it…NOT SELL.

In this article, I will lay out a simple diagnostic tool you can use to help you uncover why your offer – especially group program, online course or “productized service” isn’t selling well, and a simple, doable step you can take to address the problem.

Why is The Daily 5 POC Important?

Eleanor Beaton

Why the Daily 5 POC (point of contact) is an insanely powerful habit that can generate extraordinary results for your company.