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3 Critical Factors in Scaling Your Service Business From 6 to 7 Figures

Eleanor Beaton

Women buisness owners are under-represented, under-reserached and underserved by the majority of available advice. Just 18% of all women-owned businesses generate over $100K per year in revenue. And 2% of women-owned businesses in North America generate over $1M in revenue. To scale to seven figures, women founders deserve more comprehensive, strategic and evidence-based approach to scaling.

Women’s Success Stories: Making the Case for Business Case Studies

Carla Sorrell

Safi Media is introducing a series of business case studies. These are long form, in-depth stories that will take you behind the scenes with women who we know you’ll be able to relate to — interesting, dynamic, successful women entrepreneurs. 

Case Study: Narrowing Focus to Scale Your Business

Eleanor Beaton

Since joining forces with Safi Media in Power + Presence + Position and The Incubator, Alison has seen a 20x revenue growth; she’s on track to hit over $2M in annual revenue in 2022.

Case Study: How to Create a $500K Offer

Eleanor Beaton

The scalable offer Moe Carrick designed with Safi Media has generated close to $500K USD in sales in an 18 month period. The company is on track to surpass $1M USD in revenue in 2022. After decades of being the lynchpin of her company, Moe’s business is now truly scalable and capable of running without her.


How To Sell More By Choosing Clear Over Clever

Eleanor Beaton

When I show up with clarity, I honour the people I am selling to. I treat my audience as the equals they are, rather than slightly dazed sheep who need me to “tell them what to do.”