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5 Personal Updates From EB

Eleanor Beaton

1. What I am Reading

I fell in love with Audible and have been consuming audiobooks while out for long solitary walks. For whatever reason, I’m going through a Navy SEAL phase, and loved many things about Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins, and Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. 

I enjoyed these books because, as devoted as I am to designing a life that suits me perfectly, the reality is that life involves pain and doing things you just don’t want to do in the short term to achieve things you want in the long term. (Note: I know you may disagree with me on this, but I have attempted to prove myself wrong on this fact and after numerous failed experiments, have decided that occasional short-term pain in service of long-term goals is more true than untrue.) Books like the ones mentioned above were useful as they helped me see through my bouts of beautifully articulated whining (an occupational hazard for all writers and speakers) and you know, GET ON WITH IT. 

I am three-quarters of the way through The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. It’s a big, dense read but mind-blowing in parts and I am persevering.  I read Grant Cardone’s The Millionaire Booklet (judge away, sisters, judge away I can take it) and it is worth the read. And I also read Discovering The Inner Mother by the brilliant feminist thinker (and Incubator graduate!) Bethany Webster, along with Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr. Valerie Rein. FYI — I will be releasing my interviews with both these women on the PPP podcast this fall. Valuable, thought-provoking books. 

2. What I Am Obsessed With

Professional manicures. I have always considered manicures to be the absolute pinnacle of personal grooming but had no desire for them. Well, that changed this summer. Since May I have lived in a perpetual state of perfect manicure-dom and I do notice I feel well-groomed at all times. Which in turn makes me feel like I am a woman who has her ish together. So for now, I am continuing with perpetual manicures.


3. Powerlifting

I grew up in weight rooms because my parents, especially my mom, was a skilled weightlifter. For the gym rats among you — my mom could bench the 45lb plates (135 lbs)  — 3 sets of 12, up until she was 71 years old. (Covid put an end to that impressive streak). 

I moved, therefore got a new trainer, and have been lifting HEAVY (by my standards) and really surprising myself at how strong I am getting. I can currently bench 115 pounds, deadlift 195 pounds, and squat 80lbs. Still doing yoga and walking, but it’s soccer season, so I am playing again and only occasionally losing my cool on the field, lol.


4. Not making a ton of time for fun.

If there is one thing I’m struggling with it is making time for fun. I noticed that, even though I marked time off for vacation, I haven’t really set aside time to plan fun trips etc. Even though I can travel locally with my family and all but my youngest are fully vaxxed, I’m still stuck in the mindset that we can’t go anywhere. Meanwhile, I am simultaneously wanting to get the hell out of dodge.

I did book a 3 day trip to Prince Edward Island AND made two dinner reservations for while we are there, so that is a start. 

5. Thinking about the environment.

The UN released a dire report on the climate this week. I read it with a heavy but determined heart, and have been discussing it at length with my family. I truly see that the pervading “never enough” and “more is always better” model of economic growth is creating disastrous outcomes for humanity. 

And I also see the broader implications of the work that you and I and so many others are doing to disrupt and recraft the growth paradigm so that economic growth is truly sustainable. This is truly my BIG WHY — I think female founders play an enormous role in redefining what growth means. 

Anyhoo — that’s it, those are my updates. 🙂





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