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5 Women Beat the Pants off Warren Buffet’s 30-year Investment Record in 3 Days. Here’s How We Did It

Eleanor Beaton

I am about to tell you a true story. If you read it through to the very end, you will be well rewarded for your time. Here goes.

One day last November Amy, our online business manager, called to remind me to “run Slay, Belles.”

Slay, Belles (a play on sleigh bells, haha get it) is a holiday promotion we first ran in 2017 as a special thank you to the women in our community.

The idea was that I took a successful online program I created on goal setting, added in some useful tools, and offered it to members of my email list for a reduced price as a way of:

  1. Sharing the holiday spirit and
  2. (in all transparency) generating a tidy profit during our Christmas shut down.

Amy and I had briefly chatted about doing a “rinse and repeat” – which means we would take the exact same program I offered last year, lightly update the marketing materials and then send it to…well…you.

Easy, effective, proven.

But this year, I decided to switch things up and focus the promotion on my podcast course instead.

So in mid-December, I set aside a 3-hour block of time. I got MINUTELY focused on everything I know about Preeminent Positioning (more on that below), and I wrote a handful of emails.

I sent those emails to Amy, wished her happy holidays, then went on my Christmas break. I didn’t think about work again for almost 2 weeks.

So when I clicked open my CRM app on January 2, what I saw I could not believe.

Those Preeminent Position emails I mentioned above…

In just 72 hours they generated about as much income as the average American makes in a single year – $44,564, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

I was very impressed. This superbly simple campaign generated a 3552% ROI in 3 days.  

To put this stunning rate of return in context, consider the fact that Warren Buffet – widely considered the world’s greatest investor — has a 30-year investment record of 20%.  

So what was it about this simple campaign that generated such extraordinary results?

Two words: Preeminent Positioning.

Let me explain.

The Power of Precision

Most people make the mistake of thinking that in order to have impact, you need to reach a LOT of people.

To borrow a well-worn expression from my 8-year-old son, that is DUMB.

You’re an entrepreneur not an international conglomerate. You cannot afford to dissipate your firepower over a motley crew.

Your message must be straight and true so that it sinks deep into the heart of your EXACT perfect person, and has them drop what they’re doing, and say: Hey, she’s talking to ME!

Achieving this level of precision means you must choose whom you will address…and whom you will ignore.

That step alone requires immense courage, grit and leadership. Which, incidentally, is why so few people can pull it off.

You will also need to do the deep inner work of confronting the “lack mindset” that argues you can’t possibly afford to be so precise.

But as you’ve likely heard, it’s a well-established business principle that the riches are in the niches…provided you’re bold enough to pursue them.

Precision is one simple (but not easy) element at the heart of a strategy I call Preeminent Positioning.

On January 28, I will be carefully and systematically walking a group of women entrepreneurs through the 5 elements of Preeminent Positioning at a hands-on workshop. If you do any marketing at all, you need to be in this room. Here’s why.

When you’re preeminent in your industry, you’re so precise and focused in all you do that you are in a category of one.

Which means you attract better, more affluent clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth.

You have fewer headaches and less complexity…

Empowering you to grow faster and more strategically…which is how we were able to gracefully generate a 3552% ROI in 72 hours. 

That’s the business impact of preeminence.

Lately, I’ve noticed everyone talking about “thought leadership.” When you’re a thought leader you’ll engage interest.

But when you master the Preeminence Strategy you’ll COMPEL COMMITMENT and MAGNETIZE MONEY.

This difference is CRITICAL for you as an entrepreneur. “Engagement” won’t make you rich. Money will.

If you are still reading this letter, it’s because you feel called to be preeminent in your industry. If this is you then I urge you to register TODAY for my upcoming workshop The Preeminence Strategy.

The workshop is happening January 28, and you can participate live or virtually.

I will walk you through a powerful process to master the level of precise marketing communication required to generate massive ROI from your time.

You can sit around a boardroom table with me and an intimate group of women LIVE in Toronto. OR you can brew up a pot of coffee, settle in to your cozy office and join us virtually via our exclusive private livestream event.

This hands-on workshop will be a powerful mix of learning, discussion, case studies, examples and customized feedback for your business.

I believe so strongly in the power of this strategy for your business that I’m willing to offer you the following guarantee.

If, at the conclusion of the workshop, you have not learned at least ONE powerful insight that will generate a meaningful return in your business this year, I will give you your money back.

So truly – you have nothing to lose…and so much to gain. I urge you to click this link and register for The Preeminence Strategy right now.

You can get the details on The Preeminence Strategy here.

Stay fierce,


P.S. If you click to reserve your ticket and you see the rolling circle, it means we’re SOLD OUT.

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