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My personal 5-year vision

Eleanor Beaton

In this article I explore 3 things:

  • How to tell if you’re surrounding yourself with the high caliber people you NEED to succeed as a 7-figure queen of business;
  • My personal 5-year business vision
  • 5 tips to help you create a vision that will make you impactful and wealthy beyond your current belief system.

So if you’re serious about stepping into 7 figures — no matter where you are starting from today — you are going to want to read on.

The vision of our organization is to double the number of women entrepreneurs who generate more than 7 figures in annual revenue by 2030.

This vision is rooted in my abiding belief that women entrepreneurs are THE KEY to advancing gender equity worldwide. 

Tip # 1: Communicate Your Vision Clearly.

When I think about the multi-7 and 8 figure women CEOs in my network, there’s one thing that sets them apart…I can literally recite THEIR vision to YOU. I know and can share the vision of my business besties, and they can say the same for me.

If you can clearly state your business bestie’s vision…you know you’re surrounding yourself with high caliber leaders. 

Think about it. You probably know Oprah’s vision…to help people live their best lives using the power of media. Steve Jobs wanted to make a dent in the universe. Brene Brown is on a mission to transform leadership through the power of vulnerability. 

Clarity of vision is the hallmark of a great leader. 

It comes down to being clear on your message — and sharing it with the world. 

My 5-Year Business Mission.

My personal business mission is to be the world’s most respected coaching company for women entrepreneurs and reach $20M by 2025 with a 50% profit margin. 

While my VISION is what I want to create in the world, my MISSION is the practical way I’ll accomplish it. 

Which brings me to Tip #2: Make your mission ultra specific.

Unlocking the 7-figure CEO inside you is about building a TEAM that is ready, willing and prepared to do the work of making your vision real. 

You need to summon these people to join you in making your VISION a reality by buying in to your MISSION. So be ultra specific. It will help the BEST people clearly see what you are doing and how they can be part of it. 

Again — it helps when you have your message nailed.

My One-Year Mission

My personal mission is to help 100 women entrepreneurs scale and succeed past 7 figures this year.

This is super fun because each and every time I coach or connect with a woman entrepreneur, I hold the space for her to step into this possibility, whether it’s on her radar or not. 

And this leads to tip #3: State ONE BIG GOAL for the year.

As a leader, I don’t have much use for impatience, which feels like a slap in the face of process. I trust the process, queen. 

But I do, however, have a lot of respect for URGENCY, and bringing that focused and speedy energy to our work. Stating ONE big goal can help identify where to place your urgent energy.

Our entire team is aligned behind this very doable mission of supporting 100 women entrepreneurs to step into 7 figures this year through our programs, content and, well, our energy and example in the world. 

And here’s the thing: our one-year mission is totally doable. We have the resources and know-how to accomplish it. 

Which ushers in tip #4: It’s always best for short term goals to be rooted logical possibility. 

Be open to magic and BIG EPIC goals…but in my experience those EPIC goals require time and patience. 

A core difference in how I lead my business today versus when I was starting out is that in the beginning, I based my decisions on where I was THAT MOMENT. 

Today, 80% of what I do and the decisions I make are reverse engineered from my vision. 

Which brings me to…

Tip #5: Believe really, really hard. 

This comes back to YOUR radical conviction.

It’s the dawn of a new decade — isn’t it time you gave yourself and your vision the gift of unwavering belief and uncompromising commitment? 

Fierce one, I hope you found this useful. 

If you are serious about stepping into a higher level of prominence and influence in your industry and you’d like to explore how to work with me personally to accomplish that, simply hit email me at eleanorceo at and we can set up a call.