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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | Build A Remarkable Personal Brand Without Trying featuring Guy Kawasaki

Build A Remarkable Personal Brand Without Trying Featuring Guy Kawasaki

Eleanor Beaton

What does it take to be a remarkable person? In an age where there’s such a fascination with personal brands, how do you become labeled a remarkable person? And is it possible to do so without trying? 

To answer these questions, Eleanor is speaking to Silicon Valley legend, Guy Kawasaki. Guy is the chief evangelist of Canva, host of the Remarkable People podcast, executive fellow of the Haas School of Business, adjunct professor of the University of New South Wales, and author of 15 books. His newest release, Think Remarkable, explores his philosophy on what it takes to be a remarkable person, and he’s here to share his insights.

Join Eleanor and Guy on this episode as they discuss what people get so wrong about cultivating an identity as a remarkable person, and Guy’s three-part framework for building a remarkable personal brand without trying. You’ll learn the importance of fostering a growth mindset, how Guy practices this in his own life, and his top tips for all entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this world.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • The common traits Guy has observed in remarkable innovators.
  • What it means to Guy to be a remarkable innovator.
  • The difference between remarkable people and remarkable innovators.
  • How Guy has practiced a growth mindset in his life.
  • Guy’s insights on the similarities between a growth mindset and sports like hockey and surfing.
  • What is required of you to live a remarkable life.
  • How taking up new sports later in life changed him. 
  • What the concept of letting a hundred flowers bloom means to Guy.
  • Guy’s top 3 tips for all entrepreneurs. 

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