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Woman Owned with Eleanor Beaton | How To Build Your Team Without Going Broke

How To Build Your Team Without Going Broke

Eleanor Beaton

The decision to hire a full-time staff for your business is a huge commitment. A 2019 survey found that 55% of all entrepreneurs have gone without pay for at least six months in order to pay their staff, but unless you want to stay stuck doing everything on your own, you must figure out how to grow your team without going broke.

There’s a lot of soft skill training around becoming a great leader and manager, but what’s often present for many women-owned businesses is the gap in how they actually pay the amazing humans who work for them and make more profit at the same time. If your hires are costing you money rather than making you money, or you’ve struggled to make payroll more than once in the last year, this is the episode for you.

Join Eleanor this week as she gives you five fundamental rules for being an empathetic, compassionate, and great business owner to work for while ensuring a profitable and lucrative business. You’ll learn practical, actionable steps you can put into place to make sure you aren’t draining your company of profits, and tips for hiring employees who generate wins for your business.

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Today on Woman Owned:

  • Why you must learn how to build your team without going broke.
  • How you might be draining your company of profits.
  • The 5 fundamental rules for building a team without going broke.
  • What happens when you inflate job titles.
  • How to map out an ROI plan for each employee.
  • The 3 groups of employees you should be thinking about.
  • One common mistake Eleanor sees among coaching-based companies.
  • How to identify if your team is winning.

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