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Power Presence Position Eleanor Beaton | How to Build Your Brand with Op-Eds, Media Features and More with Shari Graydon of Informed Opinions

EP530: How to Build Your Brand with Op-Eds, Media Features and More with Shari Graydon of Informed Opinions

Eleanor Beaton

70% of the voices of authority heard in Canadian media as experts and commentators are men, compared to the 30% share women have. If you are racialized, part of the LGBTQ community, living with disability, Indigenous, or an immigrant, your voice is even less likely to have influence and profile.

This is a statistic found by Informed Opinions, a non-profit that is all about amplifying the voices of women and gender-diverse people for a more equitable society that has done over 30 years of research in this area. Shari Graydon is the catalyst and director of this organization, and she’s here this week to explore the topic of amplifying women’s voices.

Listen in as Shari walks you through the big picture themes that keep us from sharing our informed opinions, and offers practical tools you can use to get your voice out in the world. Eleanor is quizzing Shari on why women’s voices being left out of public discourse is a problem, and the powerful tools you can weave into the mix to get your voice heard.

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Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • The disparity that exists in terms of highlighting and citing women and diverse people’s voices in mainstream media.
  • Why women and gender diverse people have largely been left out of shaping public discourse compared to their male counterparts, and why this is a problem.
  • Shari’s insights on why we need a dominating public voice in the same way men have.
  • The socialization that leads to women keeping themselves from sharing their informed opinions.
  • Shari’s hack for empowering women to speak to their informed opinions.
  • The downsides of empowering everybody to amplify their voices.
  • Some of the powerful things you can weave in to make yourself more visible.

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