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Woman Owned with Eleanor Beaton | The 3 Ps of Building An Audience That Pays You

The 3 Ps of Building An Audience That Pays You

Eleanor Beaton

In today’s online marketing world, there are so many people teaching ninja hacks and tricks that it’s easy to overlook the fundamentals. If you’re currently looking to scale your company from the $200K level to $2 million and beyond, Eleanor is here this week to bring you back to basics by highlighting the value of building a robust email list.

Your email list continues to be one of the most lucrative assets in any modern business. Social media shoutouts are great, but people’s email lists deliver way more leads and sales. Having a powerful asset like this gives you a growth runway and new people you can sell to, and this episode outlines an insanely simple way to begin growing your email list.

If you’re convinced by the power of building an audience that pays you, you’re in luck this week because Eleanor is here to share the three Ps of list building, and a simple two-step process you can get started on today to accelerate your audience and impact while enriching your network at the same time.

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Today on Woman Owned:

  • Why building a robust email list can help you scale from $200K to $2 million.
  • The 3 fundamental P’s of list building.
  • A simple 2-step process that will help you accelerate the growth of your audience.

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