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Case Study: How to Create a $500K Offer

Eleanor Beaton

The scalable offer Moe Carrick designed with Safi Media has generated close to $500K USD in sales in an 18 month period. The company is on track to surpass $1M USD in revenue in 2022. After decades of being the lynchpin of her company, Moe’s business is now truly scalable and capable of running without her.


How To Sell More By Choosing Clear Over Clever

Eleanor Beaton

When I show up with clarity, I honour the people I am selling to. I treat my audience as the equals they are, rather than slightly dazed sheep who need me to “tell them what to do.”

growth strategy

Subtraction as a growth strategy

Eleanor Beaton

My boundary is that I will not create an offer that can’t be a 7-figure revenue stream. That one sentence sums up Safi Media’s growth strategy. Go deep and be excellent at the few things you take on.

The leadership skills required to build a business

Eleanor Beaton

One of the big things that drains energy for me is TASK SWITCHING. Doing too many types of things in a single day. I noticed that when I had a day with lots of task switching, really high-value activities – like a podcast interview, for instance – felt like distractions because my brain was tired. Here’s how I changed my schedule to optimize my time.

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