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Why is 7 Figures a Worthy Goal for a Woman Entrepreneur?

Why is “7 Figures” a Worthy Goal for a Woman Entrepreneur?

Eleanor Beaton

$1M+ in revenue is a worthy goal that — through its pursuit, not necessarily its attainment – has the power to transform you and your business, allowing you to embody more of who you truly are, and unlock more of your most impactful innovations.

3 Critical Factors in Scaling Your Service Business From 6 to 7 Figures

Eleanor Beaton

Women buisness owners are under-represented, under-reserached and underserved by the majority of available advice. Just 18% of all women-owned businesses generate over $100K per year in revenue. And 2% of women-owned businesses in North America generate over $1M in revenue. To scale to seven figures, women founders deserve more comprehensive, strategic and evidence-based approach to scaling.

Grow Your Business with Eleanor Beaton

7 Ways To Grow Your 1:1 Service Business Bigger Than YOU in 2022

Eleanor Beaton

After a decade of interviewing CEOs, working with women entrepreneurs, and building my own 7-figure business, I can say with certainty that there’s a deeper reason you started your service-based business: to make money and a difference in the communities you serve.