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Coco Chanel, Oprah Winfrey and Brené Brown Have THIS. Do YOU?

Eleanor Beaton

There isn’t a single world-class female entrepreneur who hasn’t mastered her Million Dollar Message: Oprah Winfrey. Bre Brown. Coco Chanel.

And now YOU.

I’m currently looking for 30 women entrepreneurs who want to collaborate with me to find, articulate and bring to market their Million Dollar Message.

A million dollar message will make you wealthy, influential and well-known.

Your message is the fuel that will transform you from “just another (insert your title here)” into a recognized leader in your space and a powerful voice in your industry.

If this is what you want, you need to read this email carefully.

Let’s talk about the primacy of a powerful message for women entrepreneurs.

Simply put – if you’re in any type of knowledge-based business (think consulting, coaching, advisory or services) and you are not bringing a powerful message to the marketplace, your business is in danger.

When you lack a powerful message, you can’t distinguish yourself from the horde. Your prospective clients can’t decide what makes you special or distinct from the countless others in your category.

Because of this, you’re in a constant marketing firefight, twisting yourself into knots to uncover new ways to attract clients.

You wonder if maybe your offerings are the problem, so you announce a new online course! No, a retreat! A mastermind! But they wind up semi-embarrassing failures because no amount of products or retreats or “innovative service offerings” will make up for a flaccid message.

And truth be told, given your track record in your industry, education, expertise and overall smarts, you deserve much better than this.

Here’s why your message lacks power: You’re unclear about WHO you serve, the PROBLEM they have, the PAYOFF they crave, the why they are REALLY buying from you.

I’m not talking about a cutesy tagline. I’m talking about deep market intelligence that forms the foundation of how you present your business to the marketplace.

To take this further, the more intangible your offering (think HR consulting, leadership development, etc), the MORE POWERFUL AND DIFFERENTIATED YOUR MESSAGE MUST BE.

The rule is this: the more intangible your offer, the stronger your message must be. This is because people must be able to picture and feel exactly how you help them in order for them to buy from you.

Over the last decade, I have helped countless women leaders find, articulate and share their Million Dollar Message.

You see them on social media, at networking events, on the news, on stage. Their offerings may even show up on your credit card statements. ☺

The messages we have collaborated to create have launched best-selling books, six-figure offerings, won prestigious awards, created industry-disrupting organizations, podcasts and more.

My clients have invested anywhere from $25K – $100K to work with me privately.

And today, I have a total of 30 spots available for a 3-day, intimate and hands-on workshop where we will create YOUR million dollar message.

It’s called Your Million Dollar Message: How To Out-Serve, Out-Sell and Out-Position The Competition With A Message That Just Won’t Quit.

This is a closed-door workshop where you and I will collaborate to create the million dollar message that will make you wealthy, influential and a recognized leader in your industry.

The event takes place May 24-26, 2019 in Toronto at the One King West Hotel. Seating is EXTREMELY limited because of the level of in-depth support we’re giving to our participants. As in – there are only 30 spots available.

Think you, me, and 29 other incredible women leaders in a closed door working session where you will walk out 100% clear on the message you’re bringing to market AND how to deliver it.

I’m keeping seating at this event extremely limited because this will not be a “sit and listen to Eleanor” conference.

This is a lock-yourself-away, bust out the post it notes, markers and flip charts and CREATE the messaging that will power your social media strategy, offering creation and speeches for the rest of the year.

You will be getting support, coaching, and messaging critiques from me and my team on the spot. I won’t say “tell me what YOU think?” Because if you had all the answers, you wouldn’t be in the room. I will say, “Try THIS on for size!”

I’m talking about chemistry, collaboration, and co-creation.

You will leave the event with your Million Dollar Message.

What’s more, we have a total of 10 early bird tickets only – and two are already spoken for.

You can go here to get the details and register. I would love to work with you.

Stay fierce,


PS. Seriously. No amount of finesse or Facebook lives or networking events or new products will make up for an insignificant message. It’s time to meet the market like the powerhouse you are. Seats are VERY limited, please register early to avoid disappointment.

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