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Commitment Exposure

Eleanor Beaton

Each time you commit to something significant, you open yourself up to risk. 

You commit to hosting an event…you run the risk of no one showing up.

You commit to hiring a new employee…now you are on the hook for his salary.

You cut ties with a long-standing supplier…you run the risk your new supplier will be nicer but not as good.

I call the RISK you take each time you commit to something big COMMITMENT EXPOSURE.

Commitment exposure is non-negotiable as an entrepreneur who is driven to grow. 

How you navigate commitment exposure will predict how much you enjoy the process of growth.

I get into it on today’s episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership.

Stay fierce,


You can listen to Commitment Exposure, Episode 389 here.

1Please note: my partner is a man, so I am primarily using ‘he’ throughout this article. But this is an inclusive blog, so you do you, boo.