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Creativity in Business with Liz Kimball and Eleanor Beaton

EP515: How to be More Creative in Business with Liz Kimball

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP515: How to be More Creative in Business with Liz Kimball

Entrepreneurship is a deeply creative act. That’s why we are talking about creativity in business in this episode. From offers and processes to teams and revenue, you, as the founder and leader, are creating something out of nothing. So, taking the time to understand the creative process in general, as well as figuring out your own unique creative process specifically can be incredibly valuable.

As we continue our exploration of time, today, we’re tackling the topic of making time for your creativity. To walk us through the creative process, Eleanor Beaton is joined by creative powerhouse, Liz Kimball. Liz is a creativity coach, writer, and speaker who is dedicated to helping the next generation of women creators produce the major creative works of their lifetime, and she’s here to offer practical steps you can take to be more creative in your business.

Join us this week to discover the power of unleashing your creativity in business. Liz and Eleanor are diving into the six core phases of the creative process, how creativity is truly inherent to entrepreneurship, and why creativity is key to creating a business that’s not a carbon copy of someone else’s, but one that’s unique and valuable to the market.

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Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • How Eleanor rediscovered her connection to my creativity, and why she credits her creativity to the work that she is able to do today.
  • How Liz’s childhood forged the dynamic, creative powerhouse creativity doula she is today. 
  • Liz’s definition of the creative process.
  • The 6 core phases of the creative process.
  • How to identify when it’s time to move on to the next phase.
  • Why you can’t divorce entrepreneurship from the creative act.
  • The power of being brave enough to make a commitment to your creative vision.
  • How to establish safety in the creative process.
  • Liz’s thoughts on the role of time and space in creativity, and how it relates to women specifically.
  • How meaningful, rich transformations happen when you unleash the power of your creativity in your business.

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