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Why is The Daily 5 POC Important?

Eleanor Beaton

Here is a simple, daily practice that I have used to generate career shaping opportunities, six figure paydays, and meaningful relationships.

In this article I’ll break down

  • WHAT the practice is,
  • WHY it’s imporant
  • HOW to use it most effectively no matter what stage of business you are at
  • and the OBSTACLES that will prevent you from implementing this simple strategy, even though it is guaranteed to produce results.

You can also check out this youtube video where I go over how you can use this daily practice to help generate money, sales and visibility in your business.

What is the habit?

It is called the Daily 5 POC.

Every morning, I write down the names of 5 “points of contact” I will make that day. Then, once I have the names of my five people, I contact them in one of the following ways:

  • I email them
  • I call them
  • I text them
  • I DM them

(I’ll tell you what I say later in the article, because what you say depends on what stage of business you are in or what your needs are!)

In the past, I did my POC randomly. I didn’t always make 5 per day (earlier in my business, I was lucky if I had the bandwidth to do 5 per month). Despite this random approach, the relationships and connections I DID make resulted in life changing opportunities and access.

But in recent months I have doubled down on the practice for a very specific reason I will share later in the article.

I do my Daily 5 POC every day, even on weekends.

Why is The Daily 5 POC Important?

Because of two simple rules:

  • Conversations create.
  • Relationships yield results.

If you can remember these simple rules, you’ll go a long way and have fun doing so.

Building a dynamic, powerful network, filled with amazing humans who are committed to uplifting one another is one of the most valuable and lucrative assets any business woman can have.

Ironically, I meet many women entrepreneurs – especially those who want to “scale their business online” who for some reason think that building and leveraging a powerful personal network is somehow “cheating.”

This “either/or” thinking is unhelpful. But it also demonstrates a lack of keen observation into how the world’s top digital marketers…market. If you think the good ol’ habit of the Daily 5 POC is too old fashioned/ non-onliney for you, consider the following examples:

  • I am not too proud to admit I read Russell Brunson’s book Traffic Secrets when it first came out. Want to know his top tip for generating traffic and leads? Making a “Dream100 List” of influencers in your space. Then connecting with them and finding ways to convince them to promote you and your work.
  • Neil Patel, another titan of digital marketing revealed on his podcast that if HE were to build an audience from scratch he would focus first on partner marketing.
  • Marie Forleo’s B-School has had over 80K people go through the 6-week marketing program. Affiliate marketing (getting people who have big audiences to promote her launches) has been one of her MAIN marketing strategies from Day 1.
  • Life Coach Brooke Castillo has personally built a massive audience through great content and paid advertising. (She also had a powerful early sponsor in Martha Beck). Over time, she has elevated a small cadre of her talented certified coaches, whom she highlights frequently in her courses and on podcasts. This is the “power of association” in action and is a massively powerful growth strategy if you can tap into it. This bestowal of authority has helped many of these coaches build 7 figure businesses in their own right. They will tell you it’s because of “the Model” and while I have no doubt that is TRUE, it is equally true that relationships with the people who have massive platforms yeild results.

There are many, many examples of ways in which a powerful network can catapult your results and scale your business.

One thing is for sure, marketing has EVOLVED. So much so that I recorded a podcast about the three big trends that are shaping your marketing in 2023.

You’ve been around the block and you know this. SO WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT? (I’ll tell you why in a few paragraphs.)

How To Do The Daily 5 POC

To secure the first 50 buyers for your high ticket offers

A common myth women entrepreneurs have about getting customers for their offers is that posting on social media is the trick.

Au contraire. Very few people get clients from social media, especially their first 50 clients. Nope, your first 50 buyers will invariably come from your network. So if you are on a mission to sell your coaching, consulting or service offering, I recommend you make your Daily POC to potential buyers or referrers.

I’d reach out via DM or email, ask for a 15 minute meeting, then share your offer and ask if they know of anyone in their network who’d benefit. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

This is called a 1:1 request. You using ONE POC to generate ONE sale. It’s one of the most effective sales tactics no one uses. And no, it’s not COLD CALLING. I do ZERO “cold calling” and never have or will – though I do not judge people who use this technique. Girls’ gotta eat!

You might not reap the fruits of these labours immediately, some of the efforts you put in now will reap results in 3-6-9 months (which is exactly what happened when Safi Media experienced the single biggest revenue month in our company’s history — you can read 5 insights about that significant milestone and growing my business here.)

To tap into leveraged opportunities

Once you have a nice, consistent system in place for generating leads and sales for your offers, it’s great to use your Daily 5 POC to connect with potential partners who can offer Cash Flow, Visibility or Opportunity. You’re looking for people who:

  • Have large, curated audiences that contain your ideal buyers – example: Influencers and thought leaders
  • Have access to large budgets or events and can hire you to speak or promote you to their audience – example: corporates, non profits and associations

I call these “leveraged requests.” One POC results in exposure to MANY, They are tremendously powerful for catapulting your business.

I’d reach out via DM or email, ask for a 15 minute meeting, then explore potential opportunities to collaborate.

What Would Prevent You From Doing The Daily 5 POC CONSISTENTLY

I am telling you RIGHT NOW that this practice will change your life. So why do so few women entrepreneurs have a daily practice of networking like this?

1. You think it’s “cheating.”

Interesting fact: in my experience, when something comes easily to a woman entrepreneur – i.e. tapping into a major growth opportunity because she is connected with the right person — she will often feel as though she’s “cheating”. It’s not cheating. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

2. A lack of bandwidth because you don’t have the right infrastructure and support.

This is what I find hilarious about all the advice to women to “build your network:”

Whether you are a mom with young kids, a woman with aging parents or an overworked consultant just trying to get her client work done…

Networking REQUIRES open time. I currently spend about 2-3 hours per week networking. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it IS a lot. It take energy.

And it is SOOOO worth it.

But in order to truly take advantage of the compounding power of the Daily 5 POC, you need the correct business infrastructure.

Infrastructure sets you free.

This is why the FOUNDATION of our coaching programming involves working with women entrepreneurs to build the foundation REQUIRED to scale. It doesn’t take a lot of money or a lot of time to build the correct business foundation. But it DOES take focus and commitment. If you want to know more about scaling your service business from 6 to 7 figures, check out this blog post.

The most common infrastructure required to REALLY commit over the long term to the Daily 5 POC is this:

  • 2 interconnected scalable offers – so you aren’t stuck in client delivery for days on end
  • At least ONE reliable team member to help you process the opportunities you create for yourself.
  • A strong niche and market position so that people truly understand how to partner with you and WHY they’d want to.

In conclusion

The Daily 5 POC is an insanely powerful habit I have used to generate extraordinary opportunity for our company.

You can get started RIGHT AWAY.

I have shared who to contact, and offered suggestions for what to say and what to ask for.

To use this practice consistently, and reap the compound effect of the Daily 5 POC, you will need to create a business that has the STRUCTURE that allows you to HOLD the amazing opportunities that this type of focused, intentional networking creates.

We have opened registration for a BRAND NEW COACHING PROGRAM that will help you build the scalable infrastructure needed to have a business that is capable of tapping into MEGA GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES. Learn more about the Jewel Business Accelerator and how it can help you scale your business.