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Woman Owned with Eleanor Beaton | 16 Game-Changing Data Points All Women Entrepreneurs Need

16 Game-Changing Data Points All Women Entrepreneurs Need

Eleanor Beaton

There has never been more support available for women entrepreneurs than there is today, and yet, women founders are still hugely misunderstood. If you wonder what you really need at each stage of growth, or how to take the correct action at the right time to drive more sales, profits, and impact, you’re in the right place.

In this very first episode of Woman Owned, Eleanor shares 16 game-changing data points that will put your growth challenges into perspective. This comes from the research Safi Media has gathered over the last seven years, and is derived from Eleanor’s work coaching over 700 women and her own experience as a founder in the top 1.7% of all women-owned businesses globally.

Join Eleanor today as she gives you a rough breakdown of what women entrepreneurs really need at each stage of growth, with an emphasis on those of you who want to grow to the multi-million-dollar level. She’s revealing 16 data points that speak to the different developmental stages of the woman-owned business, what you’ll typically see and why, and how to take empowered action to grow. 

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Today on Woman Owned:

  • What Eleanor’s mission of advancing women entrepreneurs entails.
  • 16 game-changing data points that will help any woman entrepreneur.
  • How entrepreneurs in the sub-100K space are over-marketing and under-selling.
  • The decisions you must make if you’re between the 100K and 200K level.
  • 2 ways you can scale up delivery.
  • Why you might be underserved, even if you’re experiencing high profitability.
  • The importance of investing in building your team.

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