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EP101 How I Got It All Done in 2016 – Productivity Tips

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP101 How I Got It All Done in 2016 – Productivity Tips

It’s mid-December and as we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, many of you successful women in business – myself included – are taking a few moments to reflect on what we accomplished throughout the 2016 year. This is the time to think about what worked well, what worked not-so-well, and what we want to do to propel our business into a successful start in 2017.

For my business, 2016 has been an amazing year packed with international traveling, keynote speaking, and running half-day and full-day workshops, and much, much more. My team has been phenomenal in helping me achieve these goals for this year.

But I’m frequently asked, “Eleanor, how do you get so much done?”

My answer to that is: The key ingredient is the ability to implement, execute, and just get things done.

So today, I’m taking a deep dive into exactly what fierce feminine leaders need to do to get things done; to achieve all their goals, aspirations, and yearly objectives and what it takes to really step into your power and take your seat at the big tables.


Fierce Feminine Leaders’ Top 10 Tips to Get Things Done:

  1. Protect Your Mental State – Don’t focus on hypothetical problems. Only focus on real
  2. Make Firm Commitments – Instead of talking or thinking about things, commit firmly to them and take action.
  3. Say “No” – A Lot – Your ability to cut off things so you can focus genuinely on a few things that are important to you is critical to your success and getting things done.
  4. Protect Your Mind – Surround yourself with people that are positive, self-aware, and uplifting.
  5. Reflect & Look Back – Take stock of the day – and week – that was. Take notice of the cumulative progress that you have made.
  6. Focus on High-Impact Outcomes – Instead of focusing on the “little projects,” identify the big vision and high-impact initiatives.
  7. Get “Okay” With Mistakes
  8. Adopt a Policy of Iterations – Don’t wait for something to be perfect before launching it.
  9. Delegate – Getting help and delegating tasks is critical to allowing you to get more done.
  10. Keep Things Fun


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