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EP127 How Powerhouse Women Network

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP127 How Powerhouse Women Network

On this Episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership……

The most powerful opportunities in your career are most likely to be coming from your connections. In a study of thousands of senior women, done by the LeanIn Organization and McKinsey & Co., they discovered that senior women actually attributed most of their career advancement to their connections. The research also showed that women have far fewer ties to influential people than men.

Rather than networking across or down as most women do, women need to cultivate powerful ties to senior, powerful, influential and well-connected people.   

Networking can be an incredible tool to help you build or advance your career if done correctly.   


Networking 101

Spend 10-20% of your time developing powerful relationships. Powerhouse women understand that their success is not just what they can do personally, but their success is derived from their delivery system.

Show up at networking events ready to connect with others as everyday people. Talk to them about experiences that shaped you as a person or even your vacation plans. This allows the conversation to be interesting and be about more than just work.

Triage is the name of the game. Powerhouse women research the event formats that they are going to attend and prioritize events that offer plenty of mingling. They are not just showing up to see a speaker, they are showing up to mingle and network with other people at the event.

Do your research! Find out who is going to be at the event and even do some research a head of time to find out what they do and more about their company. This will put you in a powerful and knowledgeable position.

Ask for the contact information from the ppl you want to connect with most.

Keep in touch with people. The last thing you want to do is lose that connection.


Final Remarks

Networking is one of the most powerful and important things you can take part in. Networking allows you to have meaningful connections and find people within organizations that can benefit you and your life. Keeping in touch with those connections is vital for your future, as you may need to call on one of your relationships for something one day.


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