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EP151 How To Think Like A Video Game Designer With Amy Jo Kim

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP151 How To Think Like A Video Game Designer With Amy Jo Kim

Video games have towered over many industry in terms of bringing new innovations and products to the marketplace quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. So how can you take a page from their game plan and use it in your own business to launch a highly successful, innovative new product or service idea quickly and effectively?

My guest today is Amy Jo Kim. Amy has a background in neuroscience, computer science, and psychology and is an expert in the fields of video game design and online community architecture. She has been responsible for a wide variety of game designs such as The Sims and Ultima Online, and is well-known for her work in applying game design strategies and techniques into online and mobile services. Amy joins me on the show today to share how she helps entrepreneurs and innovators build their products faster, smarter, and innovate successfully through “game thinking,” the characteristics of highly successful innovations, and the insight she has learned from working with these products and services that can help other innovators and entrepreneurs launch their next big idea successfully.


“The process looks messy, alliterative, and half-baked while you are in the middle of it, but this is how innovation happens.” – Amy Jo Kim


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • What is “game thinking” and why you should think like a game designer
  • What is “deep learning” and how it can help you work smarter and faster
  • The common characteristics of successful innovations
  • Having the humility to be genuinely curious about what works in your idea – as well as what doesn’t
  • Doubling down on your super powers to get 10X results – 10 times faster
  • The difference between your aspirations and your super powers
  • Who you really need to talk to in the early stages of creating an innovative product or service
  • How listening to your customers and clients can help you get innovative ideas for new products and services
  • Iterating your core learning loop


What It Takes to Bring a Great Idea to Life:

  1. Think like a scientist. Be able to hold a vision and be actively interested in what is wrong with your ideas.
  2. Know what stage you are at and who to test your idea on.
  3. Find the smallest bit of value – the starting point of your experience – and prototype that.

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