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EP169 The Power of Career Breaks with Kristy Wallace

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP169 The Power of Career Breaks with Kristy Wallace
Kristy Wallace is a speaker and leader on driving business change through leadership, engagement, business diversity, social entrepreneurship, networking, personal branding, and work-life balance. She is the President of Ellevate network – an organization on a mission to close the gender achievement gap in business by providing professional women with a global community to learn and gain support from their female peers. Kristy is the host of the Ellevate podcast and has been recognized by New York Business Journal as a Woman of Influence.

She joins me on the show today to share her story of how taking breaks in her career helped her identify her true passion and mission in life and business. We also discuss some of the biggest changes in the workforce for women and what the power of networking and nurturing your relationships can do when you pivot into a new career path.


“We are continuously evolving and changing as individuals. The person you are today is not the person you were last week.” – Kristy Wallace


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • How staying open to learning new things and taking risks can help propel your career forward
  • How taking breaks can give you clarity on what you want from your career and how it aligns with your dreams, goals, and priorities.
  • How the power of networking and identifying what drives you can impact your career choices.
  • How to set the course for where you want to be in your career.
  • Changing the conversation around gender bias, gender diversity, and gender equality.
  • The impact of corporate feminism on society.


Kristy’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Take some time to really reassess, regroup, and rethink about yourself, your priorities, and your goals.
  • Always work networking into your life and continue to cultivate your networks and relationships.

Connect with Kristy Wallace:

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