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EP18 The #1 Desire of Women Who Want To Lead

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP18 The #1 Desire of Women Who Want To Lead

Welcome back, my Fierce Feminine Leader! Today’s episode, I talk about the number one desire that women who want to lead crave, and how “the approval trap” prevents these amazing women from stepping into their power and achieving this desire.

I have worked with countless high potential business women throughout my career. The number one thing that these women want from leading their company is – you guess it – freedom. However, freedom often comes with a price, and the price that we discuss in this episode is releasing your natural need for being a “people pleaser.”

Women have been conditioned to be people pleasers; to make people happy, comfortable, and to feel good. However, to step into your power, you must be able to break free of the fear of criticism.

If you are not gaining the traction in your career to the degree that you want, transition your mindset from student to teacher.

My challenge for you:

Examine the times and situations in your life and career where you are playing smaller out of the need to have the approval of other people.

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Until next time…

Stay fierce!