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EP247 The Power of Adding Value Outside Your Core Function with Bari Williams

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP247 The Power of Adding Value Outside Your Core Function with Bari Williams


A former senior legal counsel at Facebook, Bari Williams is a diversity and inclusion expert who is also the Head of Operations at StubHub. On top of her powerhouse corporate career, Bari also advises startup organizations especially in matters of her expertise — diversity, and inclusion.

Bari joins me today to share the power of adding value outside your core function. She shares why this ninja tactic is essential to develop the skill of sharing your narrative — what you’re trying to do, how you’re trying to do it, and how you made all those jumps and the leaps. Bari also discusses how she built a thriving career inside organizations while establishing herself as a thought leader and building her personal brand.


“Once you’ve gotten your footing, always add value in another place within the business.” – Bari Williams


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • What got Bari interested and involved in advising startups
  • How she expresses her creativity even though she’s not a designer
  • Some of the common challenges she has seen with startups
  • Measures she puts in place to pivot more effectively
  • What led her to make the shift to handling operations at StubHub
  • Diversity versus representation
  • Best practices for inclusion
  • What cognitive diversity is and why she’s troubled with this term
  • Where her passion for diversity and inclusion came from
  • How to integrate entrepreneurs into the ecosystem of the corporate world
  • Why her most significant decision was deciding not to be a litigator
  • Success principles that helped her advance her career
  • Why she loves efficiency and creating templates, processes, and standards
  • How she manages her time and tasks among her family, personal brand, and corporate career


Bari’s Advice for Fierce Feminine Leaders:

  • Give yourself 48 hours to grieve over lost plans.
  • Tap into your data points as you make your case to potential clients.
  • Don’t forget the basics — “kill it” in whatever thing you’re hired to do.
  • If you want people to look to you as someone who gets things done, you have to do more than just the basics.
  • If you are someone who adds value in multiple places in your organization, you build a great amount of credibility.


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