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EP256 The Power of Showing Up 100% YOU, No Holds Barred with Annie Rogaski

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP256 The Power of Showing Up 100% YOU, No Holds Barred with Annie Rogaski

Annie Rogaski is a lawyer and an entrepreneur who has a passion for supporting women leadership. She co-founded a women-owned high-tech intellectual property law firm called HIP Legal and a women’s leadership organization called The Club. Annie is currently the general counsel at a mixed reality tech startup, Avegant, and the host and producer of Unraveling Pink, a podcast that tackles gender-based assumptions through honest conversations.

Annie joins me on this episode to share how her decision to show up authentically changed the trajectory of her life and her career. She shares the significant contributions she made after deciding to show up as she is, the essence of founding The Club, and how Annie established her law firm as a result of a 30-day experiment she did with the co-founders of the company.


“If you are someone else at work, it’s like this rubber band. The further you are from your natural state, the more stress you put on that rubber band and it can either stress to the point of not bouncing back, or stress to the point of breaking.” – Annie Rogaski


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • What prompted Annie to start her podcast
  • Things she learned about herself being the only woman in the room
  • The deeper implications of her showing up as she is
  • How millennials impact employee authenticity at work
  • Why she felt that attending women-focused events in the past was not a good use of her time
  • Practical things she wants to see in The Club that would help women advance professionally
  • The requirements for joining the Club
  • How The Club members give back as a requirement of being part of the group
  • How her definition of success changed
  • What the Joy Experiment is
  • Why she decided to work with a startup company


Annie’s Advice for Fierce Feminine Leaders:

  • You will have much more time and energy if you show up as “you.”
  • If you’re going to spend time at a conference, make sure you learn something, expand your network, and find some way to grow your path.


Connect with Annie Rogaski:


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