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EP29 Women and Risks with internationally-best selling thriller writer Linda Davies

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP29 Women and Risks with internationally-best selling thriller writer Linda Davies

Welcome back, my Fierce Feminine Leaders! I am incredibly excited about today’s episode and our guest on the show today.

Today we talk about women and risks. Many successful women are afraid to take risks in their business or career, but do not realize that taking risks – stepping out of their comfort zone – often leads to personal and professional growth.

Our lovely guest today, Linda Davies, knows all-too-well the advantages and feelings associated with risk. Linda is a former investment banker who left the corporate world to follow her dream – to take the risk – of making it as a successful writer. She is an Oxford University graduate with a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics and has worked for one of the largest U.S. investment banks in the country. She was the first woman to work in their European Corporate Finance Division. After seven years, she “escaped” the investment banking world to write fiction novels, having published several books, of which, her first was published in over 30 countries and sold over 2-million copies.

Linda has lived in Peru for three years, as well as eight years in the Middle East, where she was kidnapped and held hostage by Iranian government forces for two weeks. Following her rescue, she wrote her memoir – “Hostage: Kidnapped on the High Seas.”

Linda shares her incredible story of how she became a successful author, what happened during her kidnapping and detention in the Middle East, and how this experience has changed her views of the world and the things she considers most important in her life. Her story and the experiences and tips that she shares with us in this episode are nothing short of inspirational.

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your experience with us today.

Here’s a Breakdown of the Topics We Covered:

  • Linda’s story – how she went from being an investment banker to a best-selling author.
  • How Linda balances writing and family life.
  • Why Linda feels that taking risks is important to growth and development – both personally and professionally.
  • What happened to Linda while living in the Middle East – and how it changed her perspective on life and values.
  • Why Linda believes that writing your story – your speech – helps capture what your story

“If you don’t have the confidence to take risks, you won’t grow.” – Linda Davies


Linda’s Suggestion to Professional Women & Women in Business

  • Go for what you want.
  • “Self-belief and the idea that you can change the odds in your favor is key. Plan, plot your dream. Take that risk.”


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