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EP30 Can You Out Hustle Your Competition

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP30 Can You Out Hustle Your Competition

Competition in the workforce over the years has become a “taboo topic.” Many women do not want to talk about having a competitive edge in their field. We keep saying “It’s not about competition, it’s about collaboration.” Ladies, competition is a healthy aspect of building your career and business. It allows us to push ourselves past our comfort zones, and while being open to collaboration is important, having a strong competitive edge is also essential.

In our last episode, I spoke with internationally best-selling author, Linda Davies. Some interesting points came up in that episode regarding women taking risks and why it’s necessary for career growth and development. In today’s episode, I talk with you about taking risks, and how taking risks can help you “out hustle” your competition. Taking risks is critical to personal, business, and career growth. Without risks, our businesses cannot flourish. So, what are some ways that you can take a risk to continue developing your business or career?


9 Practical Ways to Take Risks in your Life, Business, and Career:


  1. Make a career or business shift. Interview people who have your dream job, dream business, or work at your dream organization.
  2. Making the commitment to quit your job on a specific date to start a new business.
  3. Launching a new product or service
  4. Taking time away from your business – perhaps for a vacation, holiday, or personal time.
  5. Working with a new mentor.
  6. Investing in learning a new skill, or honing a skill that you already have.
  7. Applying to be a speaker at an upcoming conference.
  8. Raising your hand for a stretch assignment.
  9. Introducing yourself to a “key player” at a networking event.


Your ability to mitigate risk is directly linked to your willingness to hustle.” – Eleanor Beaton


My Challenge to You:


  • Ask yourself: Is there an opportunity for you to take more risks?
  • Ask yourself: What would it mean to you to take a risk that can open the door to more rewards in your life, your business, or your career?
  • Take a risk, and lean into the work to out-hustle your competition.


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