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EP319 Winning Her Business With Bridget Brennan

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP319 Winning Her Business With Bridget Brennan

Bridget Brennan is the CEO of Female Factor, a strategic consultancy company focused on female consumers where she helps businesses drive more sales and increase their competitive advantage through market research, strategic marketing, and sales and customer experience training. She is the leading authority on women consumers, a Forbes contributing writer, and the author of the highly-acclaimed book Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World’s Most Powerful Consumers as well as the upcoming book, Winning Her Business. She frequently holds speaking engagements for large organizations and conferences, presenting keynotes on topics related to sales and marketing as well as customer experience and trends.


Bridget joins me today to discuss the key factors that influence women consumers the most as well as the stereotypes female consumers are currently facing today. She shares what triggered her curiosity to understand the cultural differences between men and women and defines the concepts that impact their buying decisions. She also shares why customer experience is the new battleground in marketing and how consistent and weekly blogging helped her establish a clear and powerful message that transformed her into an authority in her industry.




“When you earn the business and loyalty of one woman, you have the opportunity to reach many other people because she’s representing so many other people when she’s in the marketplace.” – Bridget Brennan


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:


  • What initially prompted Bridget to focus her study and research on female consumers
  • The winning proposition that inspired her to find a way to bring women’s perspectives into the corporate world
  • What inspired her to write a book about women consumers
  • The difference between male and female responses
  • Her early childhood experiences that shaped her interest in gender differences
  • The core differences between men and women that have the most impact on how they buy and how businesses should cater to women
  • Defining the Multiplier Effect on sales
  • What an Absent Influencer is and its effects on women’s buying decisions
  • The four simple but powerful motivators that inspire women to buy from you instead of from someone else
  • The core mistakes people make from a sales perspective when engaging with women consumers
  • Debunking women consumer stereotypes and how to apply the “When In Doubt” test
  • The challenge of mending the gap between the promised customer experience and the actual buying experience
  • How consistently writing blogs and content drove her success as a leader in business




Fierce Leadership Quotes:


  • “Women are the gateway to everybody else.” – Bridget Brennan
  • “You are in control of what is arguably the most important factor of all – and that is your customer’s experience.” – Bridget Brennan
  • “Your customer wants to feel that you’re helping her make the best choice and not judging her on aspects of her life that have nothing to do with what you’re selling.” – Bridget Brennan



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