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EP363 Why Female Entrepreneurs Need a 7-Figure Alarm System

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP363 Why Female Entrepreneurs Need a 7-Figure Alarm System

The hallmark of a 7-figure female entrepreneur is the ability to lead and manage themselves as well as their team. You need to recognize when you are close to becoming overwhelmed by your obligations and act to alter your mindset. If you’re desperate to carve out time to plan and strategize, but you’re feeling daunted by your commitments, then you need an early warning system.

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Today, I explain why female entrepreneurs need to build a 7-figure alarm system. I share how I built my own alarm system and the triggers I have identified which show I need to take time to manage my commitments. I discuss how, as entrepreneurs, our ambition leads us to say yes to as many projects as possible and how that habit can lead us to feel overwhelmed. I also delve into the relationship between ambition and freedom and how one is often at odds with the other.




“When your freedom and ambition are out of kilter, you need to have an early warning system in place to let you know that they’re getting out of kilter.” – Eleanor Beaton




Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:


  • What is your biggest enemy in battling the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • The difference between positive discomfort and negative discomfort
  • Why your resilience is a double-edged sword
  • What your alarm system should look like
  • Why the process of diagnosis is vital
  • Why you need an early warning system as a woman entrepreneur
  • The danger of fatigue and overwork
  • The benefits of a commitment cleanse
  • What to do when you feel powerless and out of control
  • Tips on how to construct your own early warning system









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