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EP38 From Struggling Youth Minster to Amazon Power Seller

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP38 From Struggling Youth Minster to Amazon Power Seller

Hey there, fierce leaders! Welcome back to another fantastic episode of the Fierce Feminine Leadership show. On today’s episode, I am joined with one of the world’s leading expert in selling products and managing brand presence online as an Amazon Seller – Robyn Johnson. Robyn is the CEO of Best from the Nest, an Amazon seller who went from being a struggling Youth Minister to becoming a power seller on Amazon. Her company focuses on buying and reselling products on Amazon while coaching and mentoring individuals and brands on how to begin a business selling products on Amazon and helping brands learn how to manage their online presence through the Amazon e-commerce platform.

Today, Robyn shares her story about how she got started in the business and the struggles she has had to overcome while building her business in the industry. She explains her philosophy on goal setting for new and aspiring entrepreneurs and women leaders, and how she went from struggling with debt to building a 7-figure business in under five years. She has become a master at developing systems and processes in her business to make things run more smoothly for her team while allowing herself more time to handle the important things in her business and life.

I am incredibly excited to have her on the show today. Thank you, Robyn, for sharing your wisdom with my amazingly Fierce Feminine Leaders!

Here’s a Breakdown of the Topics We Covered:

  • Robyn shares her story – from being a Youth Minister to growing a wildly successful, 7-figure business.
  • What Robyn does at Best from the Nest, who her target audience and clientele are for her coaching and mentoring programs, and how she helps individuals and brands grow their businesses and online presence through Amazon
  • Robyn’s business model
  • What was the turning point for Robyn? What critical strategies did she put into place that allowed her to create such amazing results?
  • A ‘Day-in-the-life-of-Robyn example of her monthly goal strategies and how frequently she checks her numbers.
  • Robyn’s philosophy on setting goals and how many goals an entrepreneur should work on at one time.
  • When Robyn decided to go from working the business independently to outsourcing some of the work, what did she have to tell herself to make the transition more bearable and less stressful?

“The biggest cap in your growth as an entrepreneur or leader within an organization is the failure to delegate” – Eleanor Beaton


Getting Intimate with Robyn – the Wrap-up Questionnaire Session:

  • What is Robyn’s idea of ‘Perfect Happiness’?
  • What is her greatest fear?
  • Which living person does Robyn most admire?
  • What historical figure does she most identify with or aspire to be like?


Robyn’s Message to the Fierce Feminine Leaders listening today:

“Being an entrepreneur is kind of like being a superhero. Living in that gap and pushing through that wall is what defines us. It’s what characterizes who we are as leaders and as women. We can’t judge ourselves off of someone else’s ending chapter. Give yourself lots of grace. Judge yourself off your own best hard work.” – Robyn Johnson


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