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EP383 5 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Abdicate Power

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP383 5 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Abdicate Power

“What do you think of this idea?” Often in business, we as leaders ask our team for input on our proudest ideas before we have looked in the mirror and asked ourselves the very same question. By prioritizing “collaboration” over clarity, we lose focus on our vision and goals. This tendency is just one of the many ways that we, as female entrepreneurs, abdicate our power and prevent the company we birthed from becoming the brand of our dreams.

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Today, I share five specific ways that female entrepreneurs commonly abdicate their leadership power and examples of what this looks like in action. I discuss how limiting beliefs surrounding topics such as money, commitments, and whether to engage with the details can impact your business as well as how you can take your power back. I also provide insight into why it is crucial to make your intentions explicit so you can act in alignment with your vision and your word and lead from a place of clarity and purpose.




“The first way that we stop abdicating power is by allowing ourselves to become aware.”- Eleanor Beaton




Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:


  • The relationship that female leaders typically have to power
  • Why owning your power is essential in leading a business with impact
  • Five common ways that women abdicate power in their lives and work
  • The effect that influential female leaders have had in my own life
  • Why the abdication of power is so pervasive among women and how gender norms play a role
  • Why it is so important to normalize the conversation surrounding women and power
  • What the abdication of power looks like in action
  • Specific examples of intentional and default outcomes
  • How women forfeit power under the guise of collaboration and/or consultation
  • The importance of knowing your vision first and foremost to create the company you love
  • Why asking for input from your team prematurely can be detrimental
  • Communications tools you can implement to reframe conversations and reclaim your power
  • The importance of setting effective business goals and believing in your ability to achieve them
  • How your money mindset can drastically impact your business performance
  • How a weekly money meeting can help you build a better relationship with it
  • The relationship between your word and your power and how neglecting this can lead to overcommitment and burnout
  • How intentionality can lead to more impactful business conversations
  • Why you cannot avoid the discomfort of details as a leader



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