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EP385 Behind The Scenes of A Multi Million Dollar Podcast Marketing Strategy

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP385 Behind The Scenes of A Multi Million Dollar Podcast Marketing Strategy

Female entrepreneurs are starting businesses faster than ever before. However, it is still a struggle for us to stand out and make meaningful contributions amidst immense market saturation. To cultivate truly thriving brands, we need to show up and do the work, looking beyond instant gratification to build inspired infrastructure to lead the way and generate value through deep engagement.

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Today, I share a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a multi-million-dollar podcast marketing strategy. I discuss what inspired infrastructure is and how it can be a powerful way to develop your brand and thought leadership platform. I share how starting a podcast can be an effective strategy for building your inspired infrastructure and why it is essential to build a foundation of trust with your clients and prospects. I also highlight the importance of consistency and recency with your engagements as well as insights to help you propel forward and build your platform in 2020.

“Quality always rises to the top.”- Eleanor Beaton


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • How you can generate meaningful work and become more influential in your leadership
  • Why low barriers to marketplace entry can be both beneficial and detrimental
  • Changing your mindset from a “saturated market” to a “thriving ecosystem” perspective
  • How to create a marketing platform that will elevate your brand and drive growth
  • The role of messaging, infrastructure and leadership in building effective marketing strategies
  • How I define inspired infrastructure and how it can anchor your marketing strategy
  • My experience with podcasting and why podcasts can be a highly effective piece of inspired infrastructure
  • The importance of standing for something and how it ties to effective brand marketing
  • Things you can control in your strategy despite external obstacles
  • How podcasting can lead to speaking engagements, sponsorship, sales, and leads
  • The value of identifying teaching points in your content
  • What an effective marketing strategy involves, beyond the tactics
  • Why trust is the most crucial component in the marketplace, and how to build it
  • How inspired infrastructure at different points in the customer journey helps to nurture and develop client relationships
  • The key differentiating factor between those who are driving monetary breakthroughs and those who aren’t
  • The power of organic growth and the power of creation in developing long-lasting bonds
  • Podcasts vs. Facebook Lives vs. blogs in building authentic relationships with your clients
  • Why being a podcast guest is not enough to count as inspired infrastructure

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