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EP386 How to Make Decisions Like a 7 Figure CEO

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP386 How to Make Decisions Like a 7 Figure CEO

A new year, a new decade, and the question is this: why not now? It is time to take bold, decisive action towards your business goals and look at the significant factors that will set the trajectory for your business’s future. We, as female entrepreneurs, have an unfortunate tendency to underestimate ourselves, which often prevents us from stepping up to the next level and growing our businesses to their full potential.

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But what if you are only one baller move away from your next big breakthrough?


Today, I share what a baller move is, and the importance of taking bold, decisive action within your business to elevate your brand. I discuss how to embrace an expansive mindset when it comes to your goals and how setting seemingly impossible goals can be beneficial. I also discuss how having a conversation with your future self can help you find clarity and move in an empowered, focused direction.




“Your future self is wise, and she speaks to you simply, plainly, and with great power.”- Eleanor Beaton




Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:


  • How I define baller moves, and how to effectively work towards making them
  • What separates those who reach their potential from those who never make it there
  • Examples of baller moves, including how Disney’s Bob Iger made strategic moves to elevate the brand
  • A three-step process for making 7-figure decisions and effectively setting the foundation for your baller moves
  • The 4-figure decisions most people focus on, and why this focus can be problematic
  • Why developing a habit of betting on yourself is key to cultivating baller moves
  • The importance of being future-grounded and expanding your awareness
  • What the concept of a five/ten-year impossible goal entails, and why you should consider setting an impossible goal
  • The impossible goals I am setting for myself, for the world and my business
  • Why it can be a good sign if you don’t know every detail of how you will achieve a goal
  • The difference between exponential thinking and incremental thinking
  • Tips for training your brain to see your limitless potential
  • The importance of knowing, visualizing and embodying your future self
  • A few key questions to ask your future self, and impactful moments I have had with my future self
  • How your current self may react to your future self’s guidance
  • Advice for assuaging any current fears that may arise surrounding your baller moves
  • How to leverage your intellect to effectively take action with your baller moves
  • How micro-baller moves can help propel you into action



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