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EP387 False Facts

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP387 False Facts

There is a 7-figure CEO inside of you. Are you ready to unleash her? The truth of being an entrepreneur or business leader is that your decisions impact and influence those around you. In taking decisive action towards your business goals, it is essential to evaluate whether or not the information in which you are basing your decisions is accurate and well-informed, rather than muddled with assumptions and biases.

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Today, I share the importance of differentiating between real facts and false facts so that you can improve your decision-making abilities, make baller moves, and find clarity about the actual value of your business. I provide tough love on how your perception of reality can be detrimental to your sales and the future of your business. I also highlight five steps you can implement today to evaluate whether you are making grounded judgments or falling into the trap of believing false facts.




“False facts don’t stand up when you really shake them. You cannot ascend to the top of the tree when you are trying to scale with false facts.”- Eleanor Beaton




Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:


  • How false facts have the potential to derail your leadership and why real facts are necessary to your baller move
  • How to strategically uplevel your business and overcome plateaus
  • The hallmark characteristic of great entrepreneurial leaders
  • The problem with reporting insights and observations like they are “the news”
  • Why you need a system for separating false facts from real facts and why it is essential to check the evidence through accurate data
  • Whether or not people’s feedback is indicative of your brand’s value
  • What your sales process needs to include, beyond an emailed proposal
  • The difference between a customer evaluating a price point and having the resources to afford a service
  • How to know whether or not something is a “million-dollar decision”
  • The importance of learning to separate beliefs from facts
  • Examples of false facts and why it is crucial to be vigilant with identifying them
  • A multi-step process to access real facts and stop falling into the trap of false facts
  • How journaling can play a role in breaking down the situation at hand and identifying both muddled perceptions and real facts
  • When and how constructive thinking happens and why it matters to our decision-making
  • How coaching can help to challenge you, your business and your decision-making abilities



5 Step Process to Determine Real Facts vs False Facts:


  1. Journal about the problem for one to two pages
  2. Change your environment. Do something to cleanse/step back.
  3. Highlight every belief and every fact in your writing.
  4. Go back and ask yourself…
    1. Is this true?
    2. What hard evidence do I have that this is true?
    3. What is the opposite of this ‘fact?’
    4. What hard evidence do I have that the opposite is true?
    5. What is opening up for me right now?
  5. Hire a coach




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