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EP388 WHO Powered Growth

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP388 WHO Powered Growth

You are hosting a dinner with seven women who have helped shape you into your seven-figure self. The question is, who is at the table?  Individuals who have taken decisive action towards their goals line the halls of business greatness, and relationships are critical when it comes to making the impact you desire. Moving towards your baller moves means being intentional with your relationships and cultivating a team of people who challenge you and push you in the direction of your potential.

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Today, I share how to be a ceilingless female entrepreneur who is capable of shattering limiting beliefs and elevating to the highest levels of success. I emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with a team of people who support and empower the woman you are becoming, not just the person you are today. I also highlight ten questions you should ask yourself to ensure that you are surrounded by a life-giving team that will empower you to build your business to seven figures and beyond.

 “Transformation happens in relationships.”- Eleanor Beaton


Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:

  • A quick review of what a baller move is and the defining characteristics of baller moves
  • Why I am diving deep into the study of baller moves and strategic, decisive action
  • The power of perspective and time when it comes to up-leveling your baller moves
  • Oprah Winfrey as an example of making strategic sacrifices to move towards a new baller move
  • Characteristics of an effective team who will help you make your baller move
  • What Shawn Achor says has the most significant impact on your success and happiness
  • The power of cultivating the right relationships to bring about transformation
  • The importance of building a network of people who challenge you to be your best self
  • What I believe to be the most rejuvenating form of self-care
  • My belief in the power of intimate groups
  • How to reframe goals to show up for your future self in a grounded way
  • How far into the future you should look when setting your goals
  • The power of dreaming big and committing to your vision, and how doing so can lead to increased time, money, and impact
  • Specific moments in the journey in which change tends to happen, and internal mindset switches that may occur as you move through change
  • How limiting beliefs can hold you captive in your mind
  • What we need as female entrepreneurs to shatter the ceiling and bring about change
  • What “women supporting women” truly means and looks like, and the gutsiest way you can be an example for other women
  • The importance of checking in with your inner voice and your future self
  • What you should ask yourself to determine the caliber of your connections with others
  • What “champagne problems” are and how they can impede you from receiving support
  • How to approach fears you may have about moving on from relationships that aren’t serving you

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