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EP389 Commitment Exposure

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP389 Commitment Exposure

How do you feel when it comes to commitment and risk? Often, the most powerful decisive actions we take come in the face of vulnerability, uncertainty, and potential rejection. Bold courses of action often come at a cost and require opening yourself up. The way we navigate risk says a lot about who we are and our ability to realize our greatest dreams. Avoiding the inevitable risks that come with making baller moves leads many people not to set goals at all, which can be very problematic.

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Today, I define commitment exposure and share ways to approach this concept as you work towards making a baller move and bringing your desired results to fruition. I highlight the tendencies people tend to have related to commitment exposure, including over investing in worst-case scenarios and overstating difficulty, and the importance of shifting your mindset. I also share the importance of being transparent with your team when it comes to your goals, and how observing your relationship with commitment can help you get to the heart of your leadership growth potential.




“When we commit to our greatest dreams, it typically doesn’t come without a cost or a sacrifice.” – Eleanor Beaton




Today on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast:


  • What commitment exposure is, why it matters, and how to approach it
  • How the vulnerability of dating and romance relate to commitment exposure
  • How commitment relates to risk and rejection, and when you may be opening yourself up to commitment exposure
  • Examples of commitment exposure in leadership decision-making
  • What lies in the gap between committing to results and achieving these goals
  • Why entrepreneurs need to understand commitment exposure
  • Three common yet ineffective ways people tend to deal with commitment exposure
  • The ineffectiveness of overinvesting in worst-case scenarios, and how worst-case scenarios tend to measure up against reality
  • How overstating hardship can scare you away from your goals, and the importance of perspective and big picture thinking
  • The excuses people create for not setting goals, and why these reasons are faulty
  • How false facts relate to commitment exposure
  • The importance of setting goals without attaching your worth to the outcome
  • Why we need to examine our relationship to our goals
  • How entrepreneurship and personal development are related



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