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EP408: Why You Need to Nail Your Brand Position

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP408: Why You Need to Nail Your Brand Position

Your brand is more than your products, your services, and even yourself. The most successful businesses take branding a step deeper by uncovering a brand promise. This is your presence in the marketplace and in your Most Valuable Buyers’ lives. 

Brands like Apple, BMW, and Geico all have comprehensive, evocative brand promises that lay the foundation for their content and marketing. I know that once you uncover your brand’s promise, all that pent-up demand will start flowing along with the money.

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Remember, great brands aren’t invented. They’re uncovered. And by getting really clear on your message, you can start using your voice to find your voice. It’s always clarity before creativity. Your brand promise is the heartbeat of your messaging.

In today’s episode, I’m delving into the second “P” of Power + Presence + Position and sharing why I think it’s so important to uncover your brand promise. I’m sharing the exact steps to find your brand promise and why I chose “Unapologetically Ambitious” as my own. You and I are both here to achieve long-lasting success, not to be one-hit wonders. Cultivating presence is a key part of your brand’s foundation.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • The actual definition of “brand” and “brand promise.”
  • 6 businesses who are nailing their brand promises.
  • Why your brand promise needs to be comprehensive and evocative. 
  • How to uncover your brand promise.
  • Why using your voice helps you find your voice.
  • How I landed on our brand promise and how it impacts all aspects of our business.

Resources Mentioned:

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