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EP413: Improve Your Marketing By Knowing Your Promised Land

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP413: Improve Your Marketing By Knowing Your Promised Land

No stranger will get in your car and ride with you if you aren’t clear where you’re taking them. In marketing, we call this destination the ‘promised land.’ It’s where your customers want to go based on what you tell them in your messaging about your brand, offerings, products and services. 

Of course, the concept of the promised land isn’t just used in marketing. It’s found in Greek mythology, Nordic mythology, and most religions. As humans, we’re obsessed with getting to the final destination. It’s why we watch before-and-after transformation shows. We want to see what the promised land looks like and how we can get there.

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If you aren’t clear on your offering’s promised land, why would a customer hop on board for the journey? When marketing your business and your offerings, you want to take time to get clear on what the promised land you offer is. What is the promised destination your customer wants to arrive at?

Listen in today as I spell out how you can dramatically improve your marketing by clearly articulating your promised land to your customers. I’m breaking down the allure we as humans have to promised lands and how to tap into that innate interest in your marketing. I’ll share some examples of brands that are completely nailing the marketing for their promised lands and how you can create and market yours. 

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What the promised land means in marketing.
  • How humans have been obsessed with the promised land for centuries. 
  • How each of your offerings has their own promised land. 
  • Some examples of brands that are nailing their promised land marketing.
  • How you can discover and cultivate the promised land for your offering.

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