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EP414: Visionary Super Connector and Collaborator Claudia Chan

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP414: Visionary Super Connector and Collaborator Claudia Chan

Some women just know how to collaborate with other women, how to uplift other women, how to bring together groups of incredible women under a shared purpose to create a better world. No one does this better than my dear friend and guest on today’s show, Claudia Chan. 

Claudia is the CEO of SHE GLOBL Media, the multi-platform women’s empowerment media company that is behind the renowned S.H.E. SUMMIT conference. This is a woman that has a whole lot going on and is doing a ton to advance women’s empowerment, especially through her Whole-Life Leadership methodology.

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With everything going on in the world right now (George Floyd’s murder, BLM protests, COVID, to name a few), people everywhere are feeling the spark to get involved. People want to be part of the change but many don’t know what steps to take. Claudia believes that to make outward change you have to start by going inward. 

In this episode, you get to be a fly on the wall of a conversation between two friends about purpose, empowerment, spirituality, and activation. Each of us was born with a purpose, and Claudia shares how the key to driving change is igniting and unleashing that greatness within. We’re discussing how organizational change can’t happen without personal development, the role God plays in our businesses, and how Whole-Life Leadership is a gift we can give to our families and businesses.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What relational intentionality is and how you can start practicing it.
  • How Claudia has chosen to respond to everything going on in the world. 
  • How we can balance listening and learning with using our voices.
  • That every person has a diversity story that can help them enact change.
  • Where Claudia gets her clarity and next level work.
  • How Claudia carves out time to develop her ideas.
  • What the Whole-Life Leadership methodology is and how to implement it.

Resources Mentioned:

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