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EP420: How to NOT Suck at Managing People with Kris Plachy

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP420: How to NOT Suck at Managing People with Kris Plachy

If you don’t want to just go fast but also go far, then you need to build and manage an amazing, high-performing team. Unfortunately, there is so much BS out there that holds women back from being really excellent leaders who know how to produce business results through a team.

Most people want to be the CEO of a business, but they don’t want to manage a team. It makes sense; learning how to manage can be challenging and it’s not always as fun and sexy as being the visionary. But I know from experience that having a team in place has really given me the opportunity to step into my role as a CEO more than ever before.

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We’re getting real and raw today about building and managing teams. My guest is an expert in this field and is THE thought leader and expert on entrepreneurial management. Kris Plachy has over 25 years of experience managing and coaching leaders and has poured her life’s work into guiding leaders to successful team management. Through her new program, How to CEO Like a Boss, she’s helping women CEOs become pros at this vital skill. 


Tune in to the show today to hear Kris and I talk all things leadership and team management. There is a difference between the two, and you’ll have more success if you master both. We’re having a bold, fun, tough-minded conversation on how not to suck at managing a team. Our frank discussion about ceo-ing and managing people will give you the motivation to make your first hire or find the courage to manage better. Kris is sharing insights from her years helping CEOs become better managers and tips for you to improve your skills.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why leaders often want to be visionaries but not managers.
  • The difference between leading and managing.
  • Why there’s no escaping managing if you’re an entrepreneur.
  • The skill Kris says is most important to develop if you want to lead.
  • How a freelancer mindset compares to an entrepreneur and CEO mindset.
  • The organizations and leaders that inspire us to be better leaders.

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