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EP427: Why I Won’t Shake My Booty for Mark Zuckerberg

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP427: Why I Won’t Shake My Booty for Mark Zuckerberg

Have you noticed all the dancing and pointing on Instagram reels lately? Women are dancing and pointing and the algorithms are loving it, which is why so many smart marketers whom I adore are doing it. It works. However, I won’t be dancing and pointing any time soon.

Cooperating with and leveraging the power of what’s working right now, especially on major social media platforms, is really smart and I recommend it. Yet when I recently sent an email to my list about why I won’t be dancing and pointing on Instagram, I got an unprecedented response.

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Here’s the thing. When you get attention and engagement on social media, you grow your online presence, and you also help Mark Zuckerberg grow his massive algorithm-based ecosystem. That can be great, but wouldn’t you rather grow your own ecosystem?

In today’s podcast, I’m sharing my funny-but-true perspective on why I won’t be shaking my booty for Mark Zuckerberg any time soon, and how you can hone your own voice, brain, and creativity for your own ecosystem. Sweet listeners, I want to help you uncover your voice and practice using it so that you can scale your business. Listen in to learn how I can help you do just that.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why dancing and pointing is a smart marketing tactic on Instagram.
  • The specific reasons that women leaders tend to suffer in silence.
  • What makes me feel better when I’m struggling. 
  • The deep sense of conflict I feel about social media.
  • Why you never see male entrepreneurs dancing and pointing.
  • How I can help you unleash and hone your distinct voice.

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