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EP442: Grow Your Business with Virtual Roundtables: Social Selling Part 2 with Eva Jannotta

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP442: Grow Your Business with Virtual Roundtables: Social Selling Part 2 with Eva Jannotta

We’re diving into part two of my social selling series, this time with a brilliant client of mine, Eva Jannotta. Eva has developed a unique method of social selling that has been so successful at increasing her cash, autonomy and influence; I just knew I had to have her on to share it with all of you.

Eva and I met when she attended a retreat I was hosting, and since then we’ve worked together in different capacities. A woman after my own heart, Eva is a confident contrarian committed to simplicity. She’s the founder of Simply Put Strategies which works to advance thought leadership among women.

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Social selling doesn’t just include buying ads and posting on Instagram. In fact, Eva’s method doesn’t include either. She hosts weekly roundtables where invitees get introduced to new women and dive deep into connection, thought leadership, and business support. 

In today’s podcast, Eva and I talk about building connections online and going deep with our networks, not just wide. Eva shares what led her to start hosting these roundtables and how they work so that you can take inspiration from them and create your own unique social selling method. We also introduce you to the idea of social media monogamy and why doing the thing your own damn way is always the best way.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What social media monogamy is and how Eva decided it was right for her.
  • How to choose just one social media platform for your business.
  • How Eva uses LinkedIn to go deep with her network.
  • What the roundtables Eva hosts are all about.
  • How the women attending the roundtables have benefited. 
  • The impact hosting roundtables has had on Eva personally and in her business.

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