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EP45 How to Earn 5 Figures from a Talk

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP45 How to Earn 5 Figures from a Talk

Speaking engagements are a powerful strategy that many women thought leaders use to help build their businesses and position themselves as the ‘go-to’ expert in their fields. Many women thought leaders have the internal compulsion to get up on stage, share their stories, ideas, insights, and message to a larger audience – but are unsure of how to make it happen. They become perfectionists, focusing on perfecting their full-length speeches before they’ve even landed a speaking gig, or they have the desire to speak but aren’t sure about what it takes to step onto that big stage. 

In today’s episode, I want to share with you five insider secrets about speaking engagements that you will want to know before stepping foot on the stage floor. 


5 Insider Secrets About Speaking Engagements 

  • The Business World Craves Women Speakers. 
  • Conference organizers are looking for women speakers. 
  • If you dream of speaking, make the internal commitment and just do it! 
  • Don’t Expect to Be A Highly Paid Speaker… At First. 
  • At first, you may need to accept free speaking gigs. Although you’re not getting paid to talk, you are getting something even more valuable: experience, reputation growth, and – potentially – new clients. 
  • Solve A Problem For Your Audience. 
  • Topics are boring. Solve a big problem for your audience. 
  • Find a unique angle. Tell some stories. Make sure your speech addresses a big problem that your audience is struggling with. 
  • Get Booked First. 
  • Land a speaking gig before creating your full-length speech. Work smarter, not harder. 
  • Create an overview, laden with benefits, then approach organizers about speaking at their event. 
  • Two great resources for finding speaking engagements:  
  • & Professional Associations. 
  • It’s All In The Title, Baby! 
  • Create a bold headline that focuses on the problem. 
  • Compelling headlines work every time. 


Resources Mentioned: 

If you want to learn more about how you can start using speaking engagements to grow your business, your reputation, your track record, and use it as a client attracting machine, send me an email at [email protected]. We’ll send you all the free resources to help you get on your way to becoming a powerhouse public speaker! 


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