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EP453: Launching Group Programs with 7 Figure CONSTRAINT with Stacy Mayer

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP453: Launching Group Programs with 7 Figure CONSTRAINT with Stacy Mayer

I have been on a mission lately to demonstrate the value and methodology behind group programs as a business instead of running yourself ragged with one-on-one coaching. While each of these can have a place in your business, it is highly valuable to dig into group programs so that you can avoid entrepreneurial overwhelm.

I want to give you a great example of this today by highlighting an interview and a case study that demonstrates the effectiveness of group programs. I’m doing so with the incredible Stacy Mayer, who has found massive success implementing group programs over the last six months.

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Stacy has always been a strong advocate for women and their place in the world of high-power executives. She got her start by making her voice heard in New York, although not quite the way you would imagine. She led an improv company in Times Square while moonlighting at a hedge fund, steadily making the transition into running her own successful coaching business.

I want you to learn from Stacy’s process and her life path as a case study for how you might implement group programs into your own business. On top of that, I’m challenging you not only to go check Stacy out for yourself, but to bring at least one other woman along with you that wants a promotion into a senior leadership role.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Who Stacy Mayer is and how she owns her career.
  • Why messaging is such an essential part of your business development.
  • The power of repetition personally and professionally.
  • How deep you have to go to really niche down.
  • How to work past the imposter syndrome and grow.
  • Why saying “no” is essential to entrepreneurial leadership success.
  • Why your company doesn’t control your career.

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  • EP452: 7 Figure Niching Secrets
  • Stacy Mayer: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Podcast

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