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EP464: The Most Under-appreciated Marketing Weapon on the Planet

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP464: The Most Under-appreciated Marketing Weapon on the Planet

There is one marketing weapon stronger than every other tool, tactic, gimmick, and strategy out there. Not only will using this weapon allow you to niche down even deeper, but it will help you raise your prices and make more money.

But the sad thing is, even after you learn what it is, most of you won’t apply it. Now I know my teachings are bolder than other coaches, but that’s because there is massive value and return possible when you take strong, calculated risks. And this weapon is one of them.

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In this episode, find out what the most badass marketing tool on the planet is and how you can start implementing it right now. Learn why once you start using this tool, the potential for your business to scale and grow opens up and your capacity for courage and risk-taking increases. Money is power, as my mom once said, and this weapon will make you a lot more of it.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • The real reason money gives us power.
  • Why I teach my clients to build a cash reserve.
  • The three core results of having a cash reserve.
  • How my clients apply this marketing weapon effectively. 
  • What one of the most important brand assets you can have is.
  • The next steps after using this weapon.

Resources Mentioned:

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