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EP470: Feminist Business Credo 1: Heal Your Mother Wound With Bethany Webster

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP470: Feminist Business Credo 1: Heal Your Mother Wound With Bethany Webster

Have you ever noticed how most advice about growing a business is externally oriented? We go out to find new markets; we go out to get feedback. While I still stand with those strategies, I also think that looking outwards is only one part of the equation. 

There is massive value to be found when you do the internal work to grow your business. My guest today has built her business by doing the opposite of what most business advice says and instead, took a deeply personal and internal approach. I find her journey so incredibly inspiring and fascinating, I just knew I needed to have her on the podcast to discuss it.

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Bethany Webster is a feminist author and transformational coach who also happens to be a graduate of The Incubator. She’s known around the world for her work on women’s leadership and development, and her first book Discovering the Inner Mother, shows women entrepreneurs how their “mother wound” impacts their business and personal lives. 

For the first episode in my Feminist Business Credo Series, hear my fabulously insightful conversation with Bethany Webster about how the mother wound within each of us affects our business journeys. Bethany shares her story of building a meaningful, rich business that feeds her creativity while also providing a financial fortress despite her challenging upbringing. We dive into some pretty deep topics like emotional safety and mother-daughter work, and I hope that this conversation will inspire you to consider the internal work you need to do to grow your business.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • How Bethany learned to lean into the internal places that feel scary.
  • Bethany’s evolution as an entrepreneur, writer, and teacher.
  • What the mother wound is and its four levels.
  • How the mother wound manifests itself.
  • What happens when you start telling yourself the truth at the most basic level.
  • How shifting her internal reference point also shifted Bethany’s relationship to goal setting.

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