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EP477: Scaling with Soul Featuring Hiro Boga

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP477: Scaling with Soul Featuring Hiro Boga

The status quo in the business world doesn’t work for us, and this podcast is about opening up the gateway to a new way of doing things. Sometimes, that means asking spiritual, profound questions about our businesses and how we interact with them.

My guest today is the incredible Hiro Boga, business mentor, author, creator, visionary and soul alchemist. Hiro has a long list of accolades from degrees and awards to founding and growing several successful businesses. But, like myself, she believes that the way the business world typically operates isn’t best serving us or our purposes.

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This conversation may feel like it’s coming out of left field, but I want you to stick with me and listen to the whole thing. We’re talking about the profound question, does your business have a soul, and what the answer to this question means for your business’s growth and success.

Listen in today for my conversation with the wonderful Hiro Boga. We’re talking about the soul of your business, its deva, and how spirituality intersects with the world of commerce. Learn from her story of growing up in India, the impact that comes from recognizing your business’s deva, and the ways she guides her mentees towards whole, prosperous, and nourishing businesses.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What Hiro’s childhood was like and how it has influenced her businesses.
  • What devas are and their purposes. 
  • How spirituality and the divine intertwine with business. 
  • An alternative to taking action against targets.
  • How to make plans for your business.
  • How to fulfill the purpose of your business’s deva.

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