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EP488: The 2 Types of Group Coaching Programs

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP488: The 2 Types of Group Coaching Programs

Creating a group coaching program is a powerful way to multiply your income and impact, all while leveraging your time. Meanwhile, enrolling in a group coaching program is an amazing opportunity to learn new skills, perspectives and forge productive working relationships with smart people who share your passion.

I have run group coaching programs and participated in them with amazing outcomes in both. However, these programs are not all created equal, and this is where things get complicated.

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There are two types of group coaching experiences: Algorithmic and Heuristic. They both have a place in our industry, but understanding the differences between them is incredibly important for making a wise investment in your personal growth, or providing value for your potential clients.

Tune in this week to discover how to grow your income and make wiser coaching investments by learning to distinguish between the two types of group coaching programs. I’m sharing how to know which one you should buy or build based on your business’s needs and your personal learning goals so you don’t get burned and can provide the kind of experience your clients are looking for.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why online education and group coaching programs are booming right now.
  • The details of the 2 types of group coaching programs and how they differ.
  • Why so many people get burned by group coaching and online learning and the most common complaints.
  • What you can do to tell different group programs apart from one another.
  • My own experiences in group coaching programs, what worked, and what didn’t.
  • Why you would decide to develop and sell either a heuristic or an algorithmic group coaching program.
  • How to assess your needs and decide on which type of group program is right for you to enroll in.

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