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EP489: How To Dramatically Increase Your Sales Conversion

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP489: How To Dramatically Increase Your Sales Conversion

If you’re not happy with your current sales conversion rate, this episode is for you. Pretty much every single time I work with a new client, they want to increase their sales conversion, however the how always proves to be a sticking point.

Of course, understanding the solution always starts with understanding the problem, and invariably this comes down to your business structure and ecosystem. When you can align your business model with the kind of ecosystem that allows it to thrive, that’s when you’ll see your sales conversion skyrocket.

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This work all starts with clarity around your niche, which provides the first bump in your sales conversion. But if you want to get closer to 100%, you need to take things a step further by generating offer awareness, bringing specificity and familiarity to your marketing.

In this episode, I’m showing you exactly how to increase sales conversion from wherever you are now to as much as 80% in under eight months. You’ll learn how to leverage and understand the psychology of dramatically high sales conversion, and the two-punch approach that will get you there.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What I mean by sales conversion and how to calculate your sales conversion rate.
  • The most important thing you need to do to start boosting your sales conversion.
  • How to eliminate confusion and indecision around your marketing.
  • Why even the smartest entrepreneurs struggle with marketing that lacks clarity.
  • How to generate offer awareness as part of your business’s marketing strategy.
  • What a seven-figure business ecosystem looks like and why this is the final piece of the puzzle.

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