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EP493: Building a Business that Changes the World with Carrie Freeman

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP493: Building a Business that Changes the World with Carrie Freeman

If you want to use your business as a vehicle to make the world a better place, this episode is for you. When you are a changemaker and a visionary, entrepreneurship is a powerful container for driving impactful change at all levels, and my guest this week is the perfect person to speak on this.


Carrie Freeman is the Co-Chief Executive Officer at SecondMuse. She knows a thing or two about using entrepreneurship to drive global change, and through her work with SecondMuse, she brings communities together in building an economy that benefits people while protecting the planet.


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Carrie is here to discuss the intricacies of building a business that changes the world. She’s breaking down how you take a massive mission, translate it into measurable business results, key projects, and build the kind of relationships required to advance such an ambitious agenda.


We’re also discussing Carrie’s personal experience of being a leader, and she’s giving us the best practices, tips, and tricks that have made all the difference as she works towards leaving a lasting legacy of positive change.


Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:


  • How SecondMuse builds inclusive economies by supporting entrepreneurs.
  • How to identify for yourself the kind of difference you can make in our world.
  • The biggest lessons Carrie has learned about how to build and run a business around a big mission working on long-term change.
  • Why relational wealth is at the core of SecondMuse’s work and where the concept of relational wealth comes from.
  • Carrie’s advice around how to build the networks that allow you to get in front of sponsors, power players, and resources that make things happen.
  • How to think about balancing boundaries around how much of yourself you give to the change you’re trying to create, and make space for others.
  • Why you always have the time to get curious and discover what you want to contribute through your business.
  • How to engage and empower other people who can help you on your mission.
  • Where we need to change our outlook in order to drive growth without harming our planet.


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