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EP495: Fake Results Vs Real Results

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP495: Fake Results Vs Real Results

As women entrepreneurs, we live and breathe in the results economy. We are not paid for the amount of time and effort that we put into a project. We are compensated based on the value that we create in the marketplace and the tangible results we create for other people. And when we put half-done work out into the world, we’re not compensated at all.


Over here at Safi Media, we’re all about creating tangible value for female founders. Now, what we’ve come to realize is that work that is in progress creates little to no value in the marketplace. Work that is done is what creates value for yourself and other people.


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Because I and so many of my clients operate in this results economy, understanding the difference between fake results and real results is a massive gamechanger. We’re not here to squander our hours of effort by putting work out half-finished. So this week, I’m discussing how to actually get things done so you see real results.


If you can align your efforts and intentions with real results, your level of success, your bottom line, and the impact you have will increase exponentially without burning out, and who doesn’t want that? In today’s episode, I’m breaking down the difference between fake results and real results, how to distinguish between the two in your business, and how to create real results for your business.


Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:


  • Why, if you put half-done work into the world, you get fake results.
  • What fake results look like in your business and why they make us think we’re being productive.
  • Why the only way to get real results is to put your completed work into the marketplace.
  • How we help our clients to bring done energy to their work, instead of spinning in perfectionism.
  • Why tolerating unclosed loops and unfinished work is sending the wrong messages to your team and your clients.
  • What you can do to move past your fake results and start creating completed work that yields real results in the marketplace


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