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EP498: The 3 Disciplines of Premium Pricing & Positioning

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP498: The 3 Disciplines of Premium Pricing & Positioning

Why are you feeling hesitant about raising your prices? If this is something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t yet, you’ve likely been told that it’s because you have a scarcity mindset around your business. While this messaging often comes from a place of good intention, it’s actually totally off the mark.


You probably have legitimate questions and reasons for why you’re not raising your prices. Being told we have to cultivate an abundant mindset is just one of the ways women’s thoughts are weaponized against us because if you want to charge premium prices but aren’t doing it, your mindset is not the problem here.


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Instead, there’s often more systemic issues happening inside your business. If you want to charge premium prices, it’s because you know profit is power. The more profit you have, the more resources you have to invest in making your vision real. So today, I’m introducing you to the best tool for guaranteeing and growing your profit.


Listen in this week as I show you why charging premium prices is a positioning problem that needs to be addressed and solved, rather than a mindset problem. I’m walking you through the three disciplines of premium pricing and serving high-end clients, so you can scale your cash, influence, and autonomy.


Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:


  • The best tool to guarantee and grow your profit.
  • How the most common advice women receive about raising prices is untrue and used against us.
  • Why not raising your prices is not a mindset issue.
  • The 3 disciplines of premium pricing and serving high-end clients.
  • What charging premium pricing is going to require of you.


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